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100% evidence-based, ethical, responsible, and purpose built AI designed to verify and validate the state of your cardiac health. There is NO AI in the entire world that is as advanced as the AI backed MCG (Multifunction CardioGraph) Machine our health practitioners use.

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What We Do

Multifunction Cardiogram: AI purpose built to save lives.

Discover a healthier you with an MCG Cardiac BioScan360! Our advanced AI detects potential cardiac health issues early, empowering lifestyle optimization. By addressing root causes, we pave the way for a more vibrant life. Join us on your well-being journey! 

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BioScan360 Is Everything AI

BioScan360.ai researches medical AI tools and the health professionals delivering the services.  Keep your eyes open as we add additional AI scan offerings in the months to come. Including scans for Alzheimers, Diabetes and more.



BioScan360.ai will directly connect you with the nearest AI health professional equipped with the latest AI technology on the market. NO outdated ekg machines here…



A Cardiac AI Scan takes a few minutes to set up and exactly 10 minutes of you sitting still. Less accurate extensive cardiac testing done at leading cardiac centers can take hours and cost thousands of dollars.

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Easy Button

Leave Your Clothes On – Just 1 lead to each wrist and ankle + one lead on your chest.


Fast Results

Your AI cardiac scan takes 10 minutes and your full comprehensive results are available within 24 hours. Your health professional will deliver via secure email your report but it will take a PHG licensed and trained professional to share the results. Have a pen ready.

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There will come a time when the insurance industry will realize a Premiere Cardiac AI Scan is the gold standard for accuracy. Until that time BioScan360 requires payment in full via cc or cash in advance to secure an appointment time. The cost of a scan depends on the health professional you choose and will range from $595-$695 out of pocket. 

FAQ's - Have you any questions?

We answer a lot of common questions below. We also get you in touch with your local MCG Heart Scan Pro once we’ve established your scan location.

How do I register for an appointment?

Just Click here and Our HealthBot will gather your information. Then a rep from BioScan360 will call, email or text you back (we are still working on the most efficient communication platform) with the location nearest you. We work with a nationwide network of MCG Cardiac AI Scan Professionals to find an experienced one closest to you.

What exactly does the MCG AI Heart Scanning Technology Scan for and how does it work?

To be super accurate, it scans for anomalies in your body’s electrical signals. It then pulls from decades of data of previous scan patients and analyzes your data relative to theirs. Because their data happened in the past going back as far as 26 years, we know what patterns in scan data correlated with what health issues those previously scanned encountered. It’s kind of like the way a really good golf coach can tell you before the ball is even hit whether or not it’ll be a good shot. The scans are predictive but only because there have been 3 million patient scans and counting from which to know what is likely to happen in the future. We would imagine you’d also like to know exactly the types of cardiac issues our AI machines test for. Please visit our blog post on that topic. // And more info is here on our blog. https://bioscan360.ai/what-is-mcg-ai-scanning

How and when do I get my results delivered?

The scan information is sent off to headquarters during your 10 minute scan. The data is read and analyzed. Any anomalies are shared with the staff at headquarters for review. Generally your health provider will receive a hard copy within an hour. Due to scheduling however your health professional typically won’t be able to interpret then read the results to you right away. If for any reason you don’t get a professional review of your results within 7 days please let us know in the form below.  

Will I have to wait a long time upon arrival to get my scan done?

If for any reason you don’t get in to see your health professional within 20 minutes of your scheduled appointment time please let us know in the form below. Your satisfaction matters to BioScan360.

Can I choose my doctor for consultation?

When you share your area code with our health bot, we’ll be happy to provide you the choices closest to your home. The AI Scanning Equipment is expensive with roughly 200 active providers nationwide offering it. Some patients have driven 8 or more hours to get the quality results MCG provides.

Is the cardiac scan covered by insurance?

No. Though the results are immensely more detailed and supportive than conventional cardiac testing, insurance companies do not yet cover this testing. What is most important to realize though, is just how quickly multiple visits to traditional cardiac care facilities adds up. Avoiding even minor cardiac problems by living proactively based on the scan findings can save most anyone tens of thousands of dollars in a lifetime and years of agony. The scan cost ranges from $595-$695 to know where your cardiac health stands now, and where you’re likely headed if you fail to make some lifestyle modifications. It’s really the bargain of your lifetime.

Is there a timer/ time restriction for my appointment?

Your health care practitioner will have his or her own rules but generally an appointment is scheduled for 20-30 minutes. This covers the meet and greet, the 10 minute scan and then follow up plans. 

What is your refund policy?

The service is paid partially in advance once you decide on the provider you’ll be using. You’ll simply pay BioScan360 online. There are no refunds unless your provider fails to deliver the scan and the scan results. If you cancel an appointment at least 72 business hours in advance, your payment will be refunded less a $50 admin fee. It is possible, depending on the provider, to reschedule for a different day.

Why Choose BioScan360?

We have advanced technology

We stay up to date on the tech being used all the world.

Intervention Success

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Delivering World Class Services

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Experienced Doctors

  • More Accurate Than Outdated Heart Testing Equipment used by 98% of Cardiologists. 98% 98%

What Health Pros Say About BioScan360 & MCG Scanning


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“MCG provides the highest positive and negative predictive values of all CAD screening tools. It allows one to distinguish between patients who need immediate coronary angiography and those who do not.”


Dr. Michael Imhoff

Medical Doctor Heritage Medical Center


“The MCG computerized ECG made a diagnosis of ‘congenital heart disease’ in a patient of mine, a man who clinically appeared to have only mitral valve prolapse but who turned out to have an entirely silent atrial septal defect.”


P H. Robert Silverstein MD

Division of Cardiology, Hartford Hospital


“The evidence shows that this device can identify early onset coronary artery disease before clinical presentation and this provides opportunity for aggressive preventative measures for a first myocardial infarction due to silent myocardial ischemia.” “The MCG analysis is the most accurate current means for detection of heart disease non-invasively.”


Drs. Hickey, Mayes, Long, Lenns, Hart, Petty II.

Heritage Medical Center

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