This is an abbreviated list outlining the diverse clinical applications for MCG. It changes monthly as more an more connections are made between the various signals and what they really mean to the body as a whole.

  1. Uncover differences in methylation to help patients improve their digestive and cognitive health.
  2. Investigate the impact of cancer treatments on heart functions, a significant concern in cancer-related complications.
  3. Conduct population studies on the pediatric demographic, spanning from newborns to early teens and up to ages 14 to 21.
  4. Explore heart diseases in women.
  5. Examine the effects of food or drugs on the heart.
  6. Detect, prevent, manage, and study outcomes of metabolic heart diseases.
  7. Study hypertensive heart disease.
  8. Investigate the causes and links of inflammatory/autoimmune/infectious diseases to heart diseases.
  9. Measure functional aspects of heart failure and transplant outcomes.
  10. Assess the impact of functional medicine on cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment.
  11. Study the correlation between obesity and heart diseases.
  12. Conduct drug safety testing.
  13. Examine the effects of space travel on the heart.
  14. Investigate heart diseases related to smokers’ lungs, COPD, and pulmonary heart disease.
  15. Study environmental causes of heart dysfunctions, including factors like environmental noise based on animal and human trials.
  16. Explore various causes of Atrial Fibrillation and the impact of treatments like ablation and anti-coagulation.
  17. Implement pre-surgical cardiovascular disease screening and triage.
  18. Monitor acute settings (CCU/ICU) and intra-operative conditions.
  19. Assess the impact of structural heart disease on cardiac functions.
  20. Explore applications for detecting early signs of stroke, causes of seizures, and understanding psychiatric, psychological, and thought disorders.
  21. Study the impact of kidney diseases on cardiac functions.
  22. Investigate the impact of sleep disorders on cardiac functions.
  23. Examine the influence of liver and pancreas diseases on cardiac functions.
  24. Study the impact of blood disorders on cardiac functions.
  25. Efficiently study and monitor large populations to generate objective and quantitative data for accurate analysis.

And many more opportunities await exploration with MCG.